Fostering Growth

Natureza was founded to be a unique investment partner to entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses more efficiently and reach profitability, all while staying true to their brand values and themselves.

We partner with passionate leaders of challenger brands early in the company’s lifecycle to provide not only capital but expertise and guidance to support the business to the next stage of growth.


We believe that strong internal relationships build strong customer relationships. At the heart of this approach is our constant pursuit of grasping how various types of trends—demographic, psychographic, technological, geographic, and socioeconomic—will drive and impact consumer preferences and purchasing decisions.

Investment Criteria

We invest in brands that have a clear purpose and values—which results in both meaning and authenticity for their consumers.







We partner with passionate entrepreneurs supported by a strong team ready to execute on their growth plan

We look for differentiated brands, products and services that have the potential to disrupt an entire category

We seek brands that connect with today’s consumer, having meaningful initial market traction with low churn rates

We seek high growth businesses that have demonstrated proof of concept and achieved strong unit economics

We look for companies that capitalize on attractive industry dynamics, whitespace opportunities and long-term consumer growth trends

We partner with companies that possess an “x factor” – a clever marketing strategy, intellectual property, or other intangibles

Value-Added Capabilities

We take an active role in securing new growth channels and in driving operational efficiencies which result in significant value creation for our partners and our investors.

From finding more profitable retail partners to expanding global distribution, we work with our partner companies to optimize and maximize their existing channels as well as break into new ones.







We add value with an incredibly diverse network of operating partners, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors

With relevant experience in each of our core verticals, we leverage proven strategies and bring our expertise and experience to each investment

We take a partnership approach, aligning interests and driving significant long-term value creation along with our operating advisors

Hands-on operational approach complemented by established playbooks to build best practices in all disciplines

All partners bring significant financial expertise to the table in addition to extensive financial planning and analysis, we offer invaluable insights from an investor’s lens

At our core, we are investors – we know the market and the key players. we work with our partners to prepare them for the next round of financing and groom them for acquisition

We believe success comes from growth, and that growth comes from an investment of time, capital, and resources. Our own successes and challenges are examined with candor, and with the goal of improvement in mind.

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